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Lip Fillers

Lips are one of the more challenging areas of the face to treat with dermal fillers, as no two pairs of lips are the same. The majority of the injectors in the aesthetics industry have a one-size fits all approach to lip filler, with them injecting every patient in the same manner. This often leads to substandard results, with patients not fulfilling their lip potential.

Here at Fillers and Frowns we ensure that every set of lips we cast our eyes on is treated uniquely based on their pre-existing shape, definition and volume. Furthermore, we will also discuss your hopes and aspirations for your lips during our consultation process, with it being possible to tailor your lip filler treatments to a style of lip that you would like.

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Who can get lip filler?

You cannot undergo a lip filler treatment if you are:

  • Under the age of 18

  • Currently pregnant or breastfeeding

Everybody else is technically suitable for lip filler treatments, but we must exercise some caution in the following groups of patients:

  • Those on anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications, as this will increase the risk of bleeding and bruising from the treatment

  • Those allergic to local anaesthetics (i.e. lidocaine), as several fillers contain lidocaine as standard and we will have to look at alternate methods of pain relief for the treatment

Does age matter when it comes to lip filler?

Lip filler has developed a reputation that it is only for younger clients. However, many people do not realise that the lips age along with the rest of the face. Over time you may notice that your lips thin out through loss of volume, with the effect of this being the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the lips. One of the benefits of using filler in the lips is that it is made of hyaluronic acid, which naturally attracts water.

This is why you experience swelling after most filler treatments. This water being drawn into the lip has a hydrating effect and will improve the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles significantly, as well as rejuvenating the overall appearance of the lips.

The F&F Lip Lift

Here at Fillers and Frowns we offer a couple of options when it comes to having your lips filled. The first offering is our standard lip filler treatment, which is up to 1ml total volume injected to enhance the definition and overall size of the lips. This treatment can be tailored to create various lip shapes, such as V-shaped cupids bows, heart shaped lips, pout volumisation etc.

Our second offering is our signature lip lift, which is really targeted for clients wanting the optimal level of definition possible. One of the main differences between our standard lip filler offering and the lip lift is that the lip lift uses a couple of different types of filler, one to provide underlying structure and another to provide laser definition and shaping.

What should I expect if I come for a filler treatment?

When you arrive at the clinic you will be greeted, invited to take a seat and you will be asked to complete a detailed medical questionnaire if you have not completed this electronically prior to your arrival. You will then be called in at your appointment time, at which point you will have an in-depth consultation and examination process, by which we will get to understand what you are hoping to achieve through the lip filler procedure. One we have a plan in place we will use a topical numbing cream that contains a strong anaesthetic in order to numb the lips. This can take up to 20 minutes to work effectively, so plenty of time will be allocated to account for this.

Once the topical numbing cream has worked the actual treatment itself usually takes around 10-15 minutes. Injections will be carefully placed to sculpt the shape and volume that you desire, followed by a thorough massage to ensure that the filler has been placed evenly and it is smooth before you leave.

The overall appointment will take around 45 minutes, with plenty of time being allocated for questions you may have regarding the treatment. After care advice will be provided and you will also receive an email with after care advice following your visit to the clinic.

Complications and side effects

The most common side effects of lip filler treatment is swelling and bruising. The filler itself is made from hyaluronic acid and this attracts water, so a degree of swelling is unavoidable for around 1 week after treatment. However, this will gradually subside and you should notice visible improvement after 48-72 hours. Bruising can last a little longer, with this taking up to 1-2 weeks to fully settle. Arnica cream can be useful in speeding this process up if you do develop bruising and this will be provided in the clinic for you to take home.

As with all procedures there is a small chance of infection, which is reduced even further due to our extensive preparation of skin using chlorhexidine. If infections do develop, despite best efforts to cleanse the skin prior to treatment, Fillers and Frowns is doctor-led and so a prescription for a course of antibiotics will happily be dispensed after a review and diagnosis of the complication.

As with any filler procedure there is a small risk of a vascular occlusion, whereby a vessel that supplies blood to the skin of the lip is blocked. In this rare event we are prepared with a product called Hyalase, which is used to dissolve the filler and restore the blood supply to the skin. It is for these reasons that our recommendations are to ensure that you are treated by experienced healthcare professionals within the industry when getting aesthetic treatments performed. All of our treatments are performed by a GMC-registered doctor who has extensive training and experience in delivering these treatments in the safest possible manner.


Cannulas are long, smooth-tipped needles that we can use to inject dermal filler. The reason that they are used in aesthetic procedures is usually to minimise bruising and to perform safer procedures in higher risk areas of the face, as cannulas struggle to penetrate blood vessels and so the risk of a vascular occlusion is theoretically reduced. However, here at ACOE we opt for the use of a needle for lip fillers over a cannula for a few reasons:

  • Needles are far more precise with regards to their placement of filler, meaning we can sculpt lips exactly how we want them
  • You are not able to define the border of the lips, or the cupids bow, using a cannula. Therefore, most practitioners who use a cannula will also have to use a needle to inject these areas.
  • The risk of a vascular occlusion in the lips is miniscule and can be further minimised by ensuring that your injections are kept in a superficial plane.
  • Cannulas themselves do not entirely mitigate the risk of a vascular occlusion in the lips and therefore the reduction the quality of outcome we could achieve.

Lip filler is limited to a single 1ml syringe per treatment. This is because the filler itself will swell once it is inside the lip due to its temporary attraction of water and this can therefore cause problems if you use more than 1ml in a session.

Your lips will be massaged prior to you leaving the clinic to ensure that any lumps and bumps from the treatment are gone. Also, the filler remains quite soft for the initial 48-72 hours and can be moved slightly if firm pressure is applied. Therefore, we do not recommend massaging the lips yourself afterwards.

Lip filler will usually last for 6-9 months.

Unfortunately, lip filler does get quite a reputation for being painful. Whilst it is one of the more painful dermal filler procedures, it is a case that many practitioners do not take into consideration the numbing of lips in as much detail as we do at the Aesthetics Centre of Excellence. Here at our ACOE clinic we will use multiple methods of pain reduction to make this as pleasant an experience as possible and try and bust the myth that lip filler has to be painful.

Many people are hesitant to undergo lip filler treatments because of the notorious “duck lip”. Duck lips are created by practitioners not being careful with the placement of their injections and often using too much product. Here at our ACOE clinic we specialise in creating lips that combine natural looking definition and volume, without creating the shelf appearance that you may be used to seeing.

Lip filler combines well with most treatments of the lower face and we often recommend lip filler treatments as part of overall rejuvenation packages. For patients whom have developed fine lines and wrinkles around the lips this treatment will combine well with our peri-oral filler, whereby we can inject filler underneath these lines in order to smooth their appearance.

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“Fab set of professionals and felt so welcome and at ease. Love my lips couldn’t fault at all and the experience was enjoyable.. I’ll soon be back for more!”

K.W., (Lip Augmentation)
“Thanks it was much less scary than I thought and love them. Can’t wait to get some lipstick on in a couple of days and see how it looks.”
A.W., (Lip Augmentation)
“Was feeling very nervous but Stef and Dr.Robinson made me feel so at ease and relaxed. Love my lips and will be back again. Would definitely recommend. Thank you. XxX”
V.B., (Lip Augmentation)

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